Bezness (Gigolo) / Nouri Bouzid Full Movie

Bezness (Male Prostitute / Gigolo / بزناس) is a Tunisian film made in 1992 by Nouri Bouzid.

Fred, photographer, is in Tunisia to make a report on the “bezness” (men prostitutes). Shifted in this universe where the image is a violation and its representation a taboo, it is the protected of Roufa.

Beautiful and brown, Roufa lives from his body. His dream: leave Sousse. Europe attracts and fascinates him. His morals and behavior are twofold. Very permissive with his clientele, he is conservative and repressive with his own, especially with Khomsa, his young fiancée. This film is a portrait of a youth struggling with the perverse effects of tourism and confronted with the contradictions between traditions and modernity, Orient and Occident

Mustapha Adouani
Manfred Andrae
Abdellatif Kechiche
Ghalia Lacroix
Jacques Penot

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