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Kids aren’t always cute and harmless so keep a good eye on your children! Here are 20 kids you forgot committed horrible crimes.

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10- Joseph Weil – This conman started his criminal career at just 17 years old in the 1800’s. He was an infamous protection racket man and loan sharked, and eventually started selling rainwater under the guise “Meriwether’s Elixir.” He was never arrested or convicted of any crime, but he lived and died a conman – at the ripe old age of 100 years old!

9- Jesse Pomeroy – In 1874, at just 11 years old, this problem child sexually tortured and molested up to seven other boys. He soon turned deadly, and after that he killed and mutilated a 10 year old girl. He was sentenced to just 40 years of solitary confinement – the maximum sentence at the time for someone so young.

8- David Brom – David Brom was just 16 years old in 1988, when the seemingly normal and average teenager took an axe and bludgeoned his entire family to death while they slept. He killed his parents, his 14 year old sister and nine year old brother. The next day at school it was business as usual, and he even bragged to a friend about the murders. He’s now in prison serving a life term.

7- Jasmine Richardson – In 2006, Jasmine Richardson was talked into killing her parents and eight year old brother by her deranged boyfriend. At just 12 years old, Jasmine stabbed her parents so many times her father was drained of almost all his blood. She then slit her brother’s throat while he slept upstairs. She was charged with first degree murder, but has since been placed in a mental hospital.

6- Brian Blackwell – Wanting to appear to have more than he had was the motivation behind this next crime. Brian Blackwell took out credit cards and loans in his father’s name to appear to be wealthy to his friends. When his parents found out, Blackwell beat them both with a hammer and then stabbed them to death. After the murders, he whisked his girlfriend away on a lavish vacay to NYC and Barbados. He was later sentenced to life in prison.

5- Eric Smith – 13 year old Eric Smith lured 4 year old Derrick Robie to a park where he then strangled him and beat him with two large rocks before sexually abusing and mutilating his body. Smith was found guilty of second degree murder and received the maximum sentence for someone his age – 9 years to life.

4- The Menendez Brothers – Who could forget the Menendez brothers – Lyle and Erik. In 1989, the brothers used a shotgun to kill both their parents in cold blood. The 21 year old and 18 year old became the center of all media at that time and the trial was covered and followed relentlessly. The pair were convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

3- Edmund Kemper – So, at 15 years old, Edmund Kemper murders his grandparents and says he had no regrets. He’s then held in juvenile hall and released 5 years later. Surprise, surprise – he went on to murder and dismember eight women (including his own mother) over the following five years. The real crazy part (pun intended) is that a panel of psychologists still labeled him no threat to society! Kemper has to tell the parole board each time he’s up that he isn’t fit to be released.

2- Mary Bell – Mary Bell had a rough start to life. Her mother tried to kill Mary many times when she was a baby and also began prostituting her out to men at the age of four. At 11 years old, Mary strangled a four year old boy to death and then months later she strangled a three year old boy, killing him as well. She went on to mutilate the three year old body and to carve the letter “M” on his stomach. She was condemned to live in a mental institution, but was released after just 12 years. She was released at the age of 23.

1- Larry Swartz – In 1984, Larry Swartz, then just 17 years old, killed his adoptive parents by stabbing his father with a steak knife and beating his mother with a wood-splitting hammer. This case was so sensational and drew so much attention that it was turned into a best-selling book called “Sudden Fury” and made into a TV movie starring Neil Patrick Harris.

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