SOUNDS: The Noise of The Unknown [FULL DOCUMENTARY 2017]

“SOUNDS: The Noise of The Unknown [FULL DOCUMENTARY 2017]”
Since 2011 there have been strange noises and sounds reported all over the world in the sky that have still been left unexplained, not even scientists can work why we can hear trumpet and screeching noises, some even loud bangs in the middle of the night. This documentary reports, investigates and examines the footage of videos captured of strange sounds in the sky and what they could be. Some same Planet X/Nibiru/Pole Shift Flip/Sonic Booms/CERN/Project Blue Beam, it goes on and on with many theories, some say it is a conspiracy but there are hundreds of videos online of these strange sounds in the sky which are still a mystery in 2017. Could this have something to do with end times signs or September 23 2017?

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