TRUTH TRUMPS LIES – Full Documentary (2017) HD

Today is the day! Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of the United States and we are in for a wild ride for sure! Subscribe In this Documentary, it is clear that no matter how you feel about Trump it will bring to light the many lies being exposed that many people have been fighting so hard to get out into the public on a grand scale. #TruthTrumpsLies

Search for the truth of topics brought up in this video. Questioning 9/11, calling for an investigation of Obama’s birth certificate, exposing the link with vaccines and autism to not going along with the New World Order with their plans to carbon tax everyone on earth, Trump is different from any other president. Man-made climate change is not a fact declares President Trump and the science is not settled. With praising WikiLeaks and going against the central banks we have not seen anything like this in our lifetime!

Many will say that he is part of the great deception but truthers around the world should be rejoicing that many controversial and conspiratorial topics are being spoken of by our new POTUS. Let’s pray that the truth trumps lies in the White House and that he is protected every step of the way. Blessings.

BIG THANKS: Scrawny2Brawny for your awesome work with the Trump videos you’ve produced that are included in this documentary. I couldn’t have done it without you man. Blessings brother. See his channel @

Learn more about the truth of the autism link with vaccines @ VaxXed The Movie



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Celebrate Truth – John 14:6 – Blessings

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